Monday, March 20, 2006

Too bad for Avery

Although it's not in the on-line version, The Spice Bs snarked at my former partners at Foley & Lardner yesterday for collected big money from Aurora. Actually, I think the shot was more across Aurora's bow, but I was left with but one thought:

That's some serious pastry. Maybe I should have stayed.

They also bat around a Madison lawyer Robert Gingras for seeking to enforce a contract that allegedly entitles him to 40& of Steven Avery's settlement for his wrongful incarceration. Two Milwaukee lawyers, Walter Kelly and Stephen Glynn, apparently were retained by Avery later and did all the work.

Normally, I am not a fan of lawyers gobbling up a client's settlement, but I am willing to make an excpetion here, especially since Gingras' partner says they would contribute the money to charity and the client may have just raped, tortured and killed someone.

Give Gingras the money. Honor the sanctity of contract.

But Kelly and Glynn should get paid too. After all, they convinced the County to pay that money even after Avery was charged with the Halbach murder. It would be wrong not to pay them too. They earned it.

Too bad Steve.

And if Gingras doesn't have a charity, I am announcing today the formation of the Richard M. Esenberg and Reddess O. Roscommon Foundation for the promotion of peace between the MSM and the blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

"peace between the MSM and the blogosphere"

NEVER! Death before dishonor.

(Or something like that.)

Anonymous said...

I like this section.
Serious and kind of funny.