Saturday, March 25, 2006

I want dissent

Gene Kane says, in the course of saying that bloggers are overly sensitive, that blogs are run "similar to right-wing radio talk shows that screen callers to prevent any dissenting voice from being heard."

Is that right? I am not a talk show host, but I've been on a few and I've spoken to more than one of the "squawkers" who told me that they want people who disagree with them because that is what makes the show entertaining. It is entertaining shows that get ratings that allow hosts to keep their gigs and get paid. Some hosts, like Belling, may be nasty with those callers. But they want them on the air, don't they?

Isn't the real problem that people don't like to listen to opposing points of view so that conservative shows don't have a lot of liberal listeners while the WPR shows are largely heard by a liberal audience.

As far as the S&S blog is concerned, bring it.


Billiam said...

Well said. I've listened to talk radio for years. It's a daily staple for most pro drivers. Most hosts move callers who disagree to the front of the line. Also, I've disagreed with Charlie before and gotten on to talk with him. I enjoy him more than Belling. It seems to me that Belling would rather hear himself than his callers.IMHO

Jay Bullock said...

I disagree.

Anonymous said...

Charlie's show lets people through who disagree to be used as foils. Belling knocks them down harder. Most talk radio - - programming like WMCS is the exception, sometimes - - is all about the host and about not the callers.