Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Is McBrideism the new McCarthyism ?

Xoff and Paul Soglin think Jessica McBride is practicing McCarthyism in pointing out that the useless anti-war referenda are supported by some far left groups. Not fair, Xoff says, just as it apparently bothered him when Charlie Sykes pointed out that "distraught Gold Star mother" Cindy Sheehan expressed, and associated with people who held, rather extreme left wing views.

I guess we aren't entitled to know the perspective of those who are speaking to us. We should assume that Cindy Sheehan or people who support the referenda were born yesterday (actually ...) or have minds that are tabular rasa. They are all just normal unbiased people - people with no presuppostions or prior opinions about anything - who have just come to the rather obvious conclusion that the Che Guevera wing of the Democratic party is right. (Oh, I'm sorry, red baiting!)

Because we know that the Dems would never ever criticize a conservative positon because it was shared or promoted by the Bradley Foundation, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, Federalist Society, Focus on the Family, Alliance Defense Fund, Club for Growth, Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, or, increasingly, some group called the "Christian Reconstructionists" (all three of them).

That would never happen.


Anonymous said...

You mean like Ed Garvey didn't do at the Blog Summit?

Rick Esenberg said...

Yes. That is exactly what didn't happen.