Monday, March 20, 2006

Shark and Sly Reprise

Two segments on Sly's midday show on 1670 AM in Madison. I really dislike doing those things by phone, but I'm obviously not going to drive to Madison.

Sly would probably hate either comparison but he seems like more of a Belling than a Sykes. Lots of speeches. Rapid talker. You tend to get drawn into the same thing in order to keep the playing field even. He kept repeating that Bush broke the law without any attempt to respond to any of the reasons why that probably isn't true. I guess it must be because Russ, who has a near iconic status in Madison, said it's so.

Censuring the President is not equivalent to criticizing him. . It is essentially branding him as a criminal. It sends a message to the world not just that there are many here who disagree with his policies, but that he has lost legitimacy. Believing the President has exceeded his authority does not mean he has acted criminally.

Why are these things so hard to understand?


Billiam said...

Because, if you look at facts, or even entertain them, you may show yourself to be less well informed than your opinions warrant. I, fortunately, am well aware of my lack of knowledge, and seek to remedy that as much as possible. It's humbling when you see what you DON'T know. It also frees you up to LEARN!!

Anonymous said...

I think your guess about near iconic status in Madison is right on target.