Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Now they've come for me

I thought about commenting on this, but but John McAdams beat me to it.

The other night, I commented that abortion proponents were upset by Amazon's computer generated referral of persons who search for books on "abortion" to the topic of adoption and to books that, while they are on abortion, are written from a pro-life perspective. Charlie Sykes extended that discussion on his show and at his blog.

While Amazon's computer may be pro-life, Google's supports gay marrriage.

I have written a series of thumb-suckingly long posts developing my position on the same-sex marriage amendment and have concluded, with some reluctance and dissatisfaction, that I am leaning in favor of the amendment.

But, while I have been opposing legal recognition of gay marriage, Google has been putting ads on my site for ... gay wedding rings! Google is stepping on my content! It's editorializing against me! In fact, the offending ad is there as I write this. Mocking me. Marginalizing me. Who do I sue?

Actually, I'm not offended by the ad (although I may be by the lack of ad revenue). But I would like to know what it is about a wedding ring that makes it, as the ad says, uniquely GBLT?

And what would be a "T" wedding anyway? "I've got it, honey, you be the wife for the first five years and then we'll, you know, switch."

It'll be like Heather's Mommy is Her Daddy.

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