Friday, March 24, 2006

Just Walker away

Scott Walker did the right thing. Contra Jay and Xoff, it's really ok that he prayed and tried to discern how to best serve God; people do that.

Today's big loser is Doyle who can no longer count on the GOP candidates to beat each other up and deplete each other's bank accounts.

I never bought the idea that Walker would be stronger in the general. While Walker has shown an impressive ability to get votes in Milwaukee County, given the forces that drive Democrat turnout and mobilization, I just didn't see that happening against Doyle. He had, I suppose, the potential to get a few extra points here and that might be crucial in a close election but 1)he might have lost as much outstate as a result of being from Milwaukee County and from having to do the things that the Milwaukee County Exec must do and 2)whatever might have been gained as a result of the Walker-from-Milwaukee theory would have been lost as a result of the primary.

Having said that, Walker is a going to be a strong candidate for some office in the future. Might he deliver us from Feingold in '10?


Jay Bullock said...

Feingold will be president in 2010. Governor Doyle will have appointed Barb Lawton to replace him.

</crystal ball>

Billiam said...

Jay, you been smokin that stuff you found out back o' the shed? I warned ye that'd make ya see funny colors and puctures and stuff!

Calvin said...

OMG...Jay, that is one of the scariest things I have heard in a long time. Not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight...