Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Come on ! The paper said its not pay for play !

As I suggested this morning, Doyle's supporters are picking up on the MJS statement that the indictment of Georgia Thompson "does not allege" pay for play. No, only that a civil servant improperly gamed the system to award a contract to a campaign donor in order to "politically advantage her superiors" (who are, at the very least, Doyle political appointees)and to curry their favor. Shortly thereafter the donor coughs up more money.
No pay for play. She just did it on spec, letting Adelman play in the hope that it would pay and that her bosses would be happy.

Corey Liebman inadvertently demonstrates how unlikely that is when he says "it would be very difficult to accept that a Republican hire [meaning Thompson who, more accurately, is a civil servant hired while McCallum was Governor] was at the center of a grand Democratic plot." Precisely. So what you'd wonder is whether any higher ups (who are politicos)instigated the scheme. Maybe not, but it'd be criminal not to invesigate.

An aside: I agree that Thompson is innocent until proven guilty. Just like Scooter Libby and Tom DeLay.

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