Tuesday, January 24, 2006

From Russ' lips to God's ear

Much of Feingold's statement opposing Alito seems given over to his frustration with Altio's lawyerly qualifications of the words that Senators wanted to put into his mouth and with his refusal to say how he would rule in cases that could conceivably some before him. But here's the money graph:

With respect to reproductive rights, Judge Alito said that he would look at any case with an “open mind.” That promise, however, is not reassuring given his prior denunciations of Roe, his legal work to undermine Roe, and his failure to disavow the strong legal views he had expressed in the 1980s when given the opportunity at his hearing. In his 1985 Justice Department job application, Judge Alito wrote that he believed that the Constitution does not protect a right to abortion, and, as an Assistant to the Solicitor General, he wrote a memo advocating a strategy for the Reagan Administration to chip away at Roe v. Wade, with the ultimate goal of overturning that decision. Since he refused to say that he changed his mind, despite numerous chances, one can only think that he still believes what he said in 1985. And his opinions as a Third Circuit judge raise a legitimate concern that he will, if given the opportunity, be inclined to narrow reproductive rights.

Oh, please, Russ. Be right. Just this once.


Anonymous said...

"Oh, please, Russ. Be right. Just this once."

Oh yeah, like THAT could happen.

Rick Esenberg said...

They say even a blind squirrel ....
Of course, what I care about here is that he has accurately predicted that Alito will do. He thinks that's disqualifying. I think otherwise.

Crazy Politico said...

Great blog, found you via Charlie and Jessica.

Russ's comments were the only one's I could catch today, by the time I was done listening to him I had to go home from work sick.

Rick Esenberg said...

Thanks, crazy. I am sorry Russ made you ill, but we've all been there.