Sunday, January 22, 2006

Affordability, anyone ?

In rhapsody over Gov. Doyle's claim that concelaed carry does not " does not create a single job, help a single Wisconsin citizen afford health care or improve schools for a single Wisconsin child or develop a calorie free prime rib.". (OK, I made up the last part), liberal blogger Folkbum issues the following challenge:

" Here's a challenge to the right Cheddarsphere: Name one initiative Republicans have sent to Doyle in the last six months that does the things Doyle has challenged them to do."

This is called leading with your chin. I can't say what has or has not happened in the past six months but here's a start based in recent memory.

To create jobs How about TABOR and a budget that really held the line on spending? I hang around job-creating business types. Bulletin: Higher than average taxes do not help. Nor does the spectre of being held liable for harm done by someone else's products (a concept that Doyle, by contrast, deems worthy enough to save by a Friday veto.)

To help make affordable health care Perhaps caps on wild card awards for pain and suffering in medmal cases? Perhaps health savings accounts might help but a single Wisconsin citizen? Who knows?

To improve schools I think I have been hearing something about "lifting the caps."

There's a lot more but my high school football coach taught me that piling on is against the rules.


Jay Bullock said...

My chin doesn't even hurt. Barely felt the whiff of your post going by . . . :)

TABOR--Well, since the Republicans can't even agree on a version to send to Doyle, this doesn't count.

Medical Malpractice--You seem to have bought into the myth that malpractice premiums cause the high cost of health care. They don't--less than 1/2 of 1%, on average, of your bill to see the doctor is the cost of her malpractice premium. Premiums, in fact, have little to do with payouts; in Wisconsin, where damages were capped for over a decade, our doctors' premiums are higher than in uncapped Minnesota.

Voucher Caps--the bills Doyle vetoed explicitly avoided doing anything to improve educational quality in MPS or guarantee that quality in the choice program.

Rick Esenberg said...

You are on rubber legs. You don't know how badly you're hurt!

TABOR - Don't you think we're copping out? Its coming and we know what Doyle is going to do. And if you don't like TABOR, how about a budget that isn't a big sloppy kiss for WEAC?

Medmal - we could swap dualing studies forever, but, in this case, I prefer common sense. I have been dealing with liability insurers in one way or another for 25 years. If you really think that claim history has nothing to do with premiums, then I hit you harder than I intended to. (Sorry ...;) Besides, I am not a statistician but I've deposed enough of them to suspect that there is a statistically significant relationship between premiums and claims in the chart that Drum thinks is such a smoking gun. Beyond payouts, what really gives insurers the vapors is uncertainty and awards for pain and suffering - because they are in a very real sense paying for apples with oranges - are the mother of uncertainty.

School choice - oh, please. Even you don't believe that.