Wednesday, January 18, 2006

We will bear most prices, assume some burdens and oppose a few foes to help you out a little

We've had the New Frontier, the Great Society, Morning in America, the Contract with America and the Ownership Society. Now we have ... the "affordability agenda ?" Putting aside the fact that it's hopelessly vague ("affordable" for whom?) and seems largely concerned with spending more money (and is, therefore, "unaffordable" for the taxpayer), isn't it just lame ? Think of the great political slogans: "Give me liberty or give me death !" "Do not crucify mankind on a cross of Gold !" What is Doyle saying ? " Five per cent off 'til November!" It strikes me as about as exciting as "Sensible shoes for our time."

I guess he's saying that, since you obviously can't make it on your own, we'll help you out. Somewhat. I'd sure run through walls for that.

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Anonymous said...

I have been without affordable health ins for three years. Any suggestions?