Monday, January 16, 2006

They Still Don't Get It

Last month, I wrote in my Journal Sentinel column about UW-Eau Claire's policy of banning RAs from leading bible studies in their dorm rooms. In response to a law suit challenging the ban, the UW formed a Resident Assistant Working Group to review the issue and make recommendations. The Group has now issued its report. The group decided against recommending a system-wide policy but it suggested some guidelines that sound a bit ominous. The report suggests that RAs be required to "create an open, inclusive, and supportive residential community" and that they not "use their position to inappropriately influence, pressure, or coerce student residents."

The words sound good but remember that they are going to be applied at institutions that regard a lot of leftist indoctrination (see, e.g., the Tunnel of Oppression) as open-minded, educational opportunities to which no reasonable person could object and bible studies as vaguely cultic. That's why UW-EC got sued in the first place.

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