Friday, January 27, 2006

The heart will go on

They say that the final stage of grief is acceptance and hope. Although some might think that John Kerry's call from Davos (this guy is beyond parody) for a filibuster of Judge Alito is denial, I disagree. The left understands that it cannot stop Alito. But calling for a filibuster will fortify, fire up and fleece the base. This is not the final round in the Alito fight, but the beginning of the Battle of Stevens (who I hope retires into a long and happy twilight). I wish ill on no one, but the odds are that there will be another vacancy before W. leaves office and that will be the money appointment. As it turns out, that seat may be the potential vote on rolling back much of the worst (or, if you are Russ Feingold, the best) that the Court has done over the past generation. When that battle begins (and it will), "borking" will look like a quaint old game of badminton played in knickers.

Looking at that battle, this fall's Senate's races are critical. As for us, I guess we just love Herb Kohl, but putting aside the Bucks and the nice arena in Madison, I can't see why.

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Billiam said...

Pardon me for being a sceptic, but, I don't see either party all that anxious to see abortion end. With the Liberals, we know why. With the republican party, and those in D.C., they don't want to lose the "issue". I'd be willing to bet that if Stevens retires, W. will nominate a moderate instead of a conservative.