Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Get this guy a golden ticket !

Although he's apologized, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin channelled Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell in suggesting that God sent Katrina upon New Orleans in order to smite it in retaliation for Iraq and violence in the black community. Yea, and, verily, He bound the hands and feets of his servant Ray to prevent him from doing a frigging thing to help those he was sworn to protect.

What is just as interesting is that he chose King Day to argue for a Willie Wonka New Orleans. I guess I missed the speech where Dr. King dreamed of a day in which all of God's children would live in "chocolate" or "vanilla" cities.


donner said...

Nagin is a very average person trapped in extraordinary circumstances--the world's full of them. I suspect there are lots, who because of their limitations, give the appearance of being cogs in some wheel of conspiracy. I believe most of them are just ignorant with no reference to the past, nor sufficient intelligence or experience to move toward the future--they're victims of the latest wave of thinking set into motion by money.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Nagin. He looked pathetic trying to apologize.