Monday, May 08, 2006

Barltett gets a defense verdict

Jon Bartlett, one of the Jude defendants who was acquited on one charge and will be retired on another in that case, has now been found not liable in a federal civil case arising out of the shooting of Larry Jenkins. This case attracted a lot less attention than the Jude case and I doubt that there will be any significant response to the verdict.

Is it because two of the eight jurors were African-American? If so, is that reason to be concerned? Is our society so intractably racialized that juries in racially charged cases must include both blacks and whites? If that is so, when will it no longer be the case? How could it ever cease to be the case?

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Dad29 said...

The society is 'racialized' because hucksters make it so.

Same with the games in the Legislature; there are a number of public policy issues on which both sides can and should agree--but you find that the proposed legislative remedy is designed to repel the 'other side.'