Friday, May 05, 2006

Should Patrick Kennedy get the Bum Rush treatment?

Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) has entered drug rehab, admitting that he is addicted to pain pills. While he has always been a thoroughly disagreeable person, I wish him well. But under the Limbaugh precedent, shouldn't he be thoroughly investigated for prescription drug fraud? It is very difficult to obtain enough pain pills to feed an addiction without lying to someone about something.


xoff said...

Actually, there are many addicts in Milwaukee who would tell you it is quite easy.

Rick Esenberg said...

Its not easy without doing something illegal. Buy it on the street or "doctor shop" or do something else. My wife has worked as a nurse in substance abuse settings and, if you need the pills necessary to feed an addiction, you are going to have to do something that is, strictly speaking, illegal.

But what a burden, Bill, to have to stick up for the likes of Patrick Kennedy.

Billiam said...

He won't get the same treatment for one reason. He's a Kennedy. He'll skate, just like Daddy. They already re-assigned the Watch Commander from that night. Interesting, eh?