Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just a thought

I think it's perfectly fine that inner city clergy organized a motorcade to the federal courthouse to demand a federal investigation that the US Attorney has already said he would conduct. I am more interested in the fact that the group will be meeting next Monday "to continue to explore strategies to change the criminal justice system and police practices."

That's great. Here's one idea. If we can get 300 cars to drive to the courthouse to ask for something that is already underway, then maybe we could scare up a few people to cordon off the homes of people brave enough to testify against murderers. That'd help a lot on the old justice scale.


Anonymous said...

A motorcade is easy, safe and makes one feel good about oneself.

James Wigderson said...

Of course, it literally had to stop me just as I was about to go through the intersection to get home. I thought someone important died when I saw the hearse. Drug houses all over the city, people getting killed left and right just for talking to the cops, and they had to bring traffic to a standstill just to deliver a petition. Guess what. They were successful. They made me angry. Just not at the cops.

Anonymous said...

With all do respect to the motorcade people; their energy would yield a greater return by expending it in some central city neighborhoods, teaching basic 6th grade math and reading skills, to the 60% of working-age black males who are unemployed or not in the labor force. This would enable said males to qualify for good paying skilled trade apprentice programs that are abundantly available.