Saturday, May 13, 2006

She was just a warm body to me

Via Owen at Boots and Sabers, Junior McGee now admits that he had sex with "that woman" who he impregnated twice. But he didn't lie when he earlier denied having a "romantic" relationship with her because, you know, it just wasn't romantic. She was just any old port in the storm, albeit an unusually hospitable one.

Owen calls him a liar and he is that, although probably not a perjurer (at least not on this), since perjury requires a pretty much unambiguous falsehood.

What strikes me is what an unspeakable dirtbag he is. I know that we aren't supposed to care about what people do in their sex lives, but it does reflect on our character. In fact, it often reflects on our character in far more profound ways than the stuff we normally obsess with respect to public figures, like whether they complied with picayune rules about paying social security tax for babysitters, went outside to call a campaign contributor or sometime and somewhere said something that someone might regard as racially insensitive even though no one who could have been offended heard it and there is no evidence that reflects the individual's policy views. Sometimes, if I choose to hurt another person (in this case, persons) in an intimate relationship it says everything in the world about me.


Anonymous said...

Yes it certainly does.

Dad29 said...

The whole thing also says something about the "free sex" movement's principal Achilles' heel: women simply are not 'sex machines' who can screw and forget.

With or without resulting pregnancy, it's not the way they are hardwired.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful that the blogosphere gives people like Dad29 a chance to share his knowledge of female sexuality with the entire planet?

Rick Esenberg said...

But the hell of it is, he's basically correct.

Anonymous said...

With respect to Dad29, even the blind pig finds the occasional acorn.

He may not be blind, but he is most assuredly a pig.

Anonymous said...

is porn the only winner during credit crunch?