Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Being Xoff means never having to say you're sorry

Dad29 wondered whether the shooter at South Shore Park was an illegal immigrant. Xoff thought that was a nasty bit of work. But it turns out that the answer to Dad's question is "yes."

That's got to hurt. Dad to Bill: "How do you like me now?"

Christofferson's job is to throw those talking points at the wall and see what sticks. I have fisked him regularly on his misunderstandings. Never conceded. He's a smart guy who makes a number of good points, but he follows the ethic of the political consultant. If you are wrong today, tomorrow is another one. Credibility is someone else's burden. It's Al Davis' world. Just win, baby.

I actually agree with him in the sense that I wouldn't think the shooter's immigration status is the most important thing about him. But then again, I haven't thrown in with the peculiar notion that being here illegally is no more important than whether one prefers Ginger or Mary Anne. Entering the country as an outlaw might be related to how you view its laws. If you want us to believe that we should have no authority over who is here and who is not, then you better pray that "immigrants" do not embarrass you.


Dad29 said...

The question is VERY germane to the "border security" debate.

That's why the Left, in general, has an interest in deep-sixing the facts.

...not that the Left is alone. They're joined by smarmy globalists across the board.

Rick Esenberg said...

It is in the aggregate.

Anonymous said...

Your choice of the word outlaw makes the last paragraph disingenuous.

Anonymous said...

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