Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mexico to US: "Drop dead"

The Mexican government is concerned that tougher border enforcement will lead to more deaths, because people trying to sneak into the US will move to more remote and perilous routes. It does not appear that this heightened concern is grave enough to prompt it to do anything about the fact that their country is such a disaster that people would risk their lives to get out.

The Mexican governmen also announced it plan to sue the US if the National Guard becomes involved in detaining people at the border. While the basis for such litigation doesn't exactly jump out of the page at you, this concern for the rights of its citizens apparently begins only after they have crossed the Rio Grande in an inner tube.

One thing that the Mexican government may have right, however, is the idea that increased illegal immigration will be encouraged by even the hope of an amnesty programs. So says Julieta Nunez Gonzalez, the local representative of Mexico's National Immigration Institute in Ciudad Juarez.

And I am betting that the Fox government will make sure everyone knows about it.

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