Wednesday, April 05, 2006

FEC v. Free Speech

Regarding another bit of damage to the Republic done by our maverick Senator, the FEC has refused to settle its case with Wisconsin Right to Life. WRTL explains:

On April 4, the FEC Commissioners voted to refuse the offer of Wisconsin Right to Life, Inc. ("WRTL") to stay and settle its lawsuit in WRTL v. FEC (WRTL's suit to establish a grassroots lobbying exception to the electioneering communication prohibition). WRTL had offered to stay proceedings and to settle the case if the FEC would issue a statement of policy and pursue a rulemaking to protect grassroots lobbying.

The grassroots lobbying exception that WRTL proposed follows the definition that a broad- spectrum coalition recently proposed as the subject of an expedited rulemaking. The coalition was comprised of the AFL-CIO, Alliance for Justice, Chamber of Commerce of the United States, National Education Association, and OMB Watch. The proposed rule may be found online at [here]

Although Feingold and McCain now apparently say it would be ok to pass this rule, if you pass a stupid law, you have to expect stupid results.

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