Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Will the Pack be back?

Brett Farve says he's coming back and the Packers sign Charles Woodson. Coincidence? I don't think so.

But it's still hard to be optimistic.

The team still needs 1 or 2 linebackers, a defensive end and two guards. They may fill one of these needs in the draft with Mario Williams (DE) or A.J. Hawk (LB). Or maybe they could draft D'Brickashaw Ferguson (T) and move Mark Tauscher to guard. But I don't know that they fill a second of these needs through the draft. And if Vince Young (QB) drops to 5, they have to take him, potentially leaving all needs unmet.

Maybe Brady Popinga can be a starting linebacker. Maybe they get by with KGB and Kampmann at DE.

Of course, if Javon Walker doesn't come back, they need a WR. I'm thinking that if Ahman Green can't come back, they need a RB because I don't know that Samkon Gado is an every down player. They can probably get a WR in the second round. I don't know where the RB comes from.

They also need a kicker but you should be able to find one somewhere.


Anonymous said...

What position would you have Young play?

Rick Esenberg said...

Quarterback after Farve retires. His upside is too great to pass up.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think many really consider him a top QB (bad throwing motion).
That’s why he may drop to #5 or below.
Maybe he could be a receiver for Fav re.