Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Something to look forward to

According to a scientist attending a recent meeting of the Texas Academy of Science, this guy thinks that humans have become a burden on Gaia and that 90% of us are likely to be wiped out by air-borne Ebola in the near future.

Cause for alarm? Well, not exactly. Our bearded friend, University of Texas biologist Eric Pianka sounds rather enthusiastic about the prospect. Illustrating his lecture with rows of human skulls, one of which (presumably the ebola jackpot) had red eyes flashing, he argues that this is the way to save the earth. It will, he says, control the "scourge of humanity" which is "no better than bacteria."

According to observers, Pianka's lecture received an enthusiastic ovation. I guess the audience was feeling lucky or has self esteem issues.

Pianka is a lizard expert. Perhaps he's gone native.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully he will see fit to lead by example.