Saturday, April 15, 2006

Unshackle Nan Hegerty

Perhaps there was a reasonable doubt as to the guilt of these particular three cops. But what we know is that a guy got beaten to within an inch of his life at a party full of cops and not one of them prevented it or will admit to seeing what happened.

I have written two columns in the Journal Sentinel in the past year, arguing that the residents of Milwaukee's inner city should realize that the police are part of the solution and not the problem. (They are here and here.)

I still believe that.

But what happened at that party suggests that there are cops on the force who have no business carrying a badge. The police department is too important to let that happen.

I suggest that someone introduce a bill that would not give the police chief the power of plenary dismissal. No review by the Fire and Police Commission. Nothing but a pink slip like the rest of the world gets. If we expect Hegerty to clean house, then let's give her the tools she needs to do it.

If John Gard and legislators who like police union dollars want to spike it, great. But, if they do, southeastern Wisconsin conservatives should keep their wallets in their pockets. We like law and order.

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Michael J. Cheaney said...

It sounds like a GREAT idea. In theory. The reality is that the police union is entirely to powerful, afterall cops getting fired means NO more dues coming in to the union, which means they lose influence in Madison. And that unfortunatly is what the police union...and unions in general are all about, MONEY and POWER.