Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring Fever

I wonder, occasionally, how people manage to so easily suspend their critical faculties in the service of self-righteousness. Three examples from the weekend.

First, at the community meeting on police/community relations sponsored by the League of Martin, we heard once again that the "community's" "no-snitchin'" policy is somehow a quid pro quo for the department's thin blue line of silence. How is that supposed to work? Isn't it a bit like me saying that since I believe the government wastes my tax dollars, I'm going to take a bunch of my money into the backyard and burn it? To show that I can do it too?

"Clean your own house first!" The cops had better clean their house, but while they are doing that a few less mob beatings might be nice.

What about the "immigration" debate itself. This is a civil rights issue only if you are prepared to say that a nation has nothing to say about whether people from other countries can sneak across the border and claim to be entitled to the same privileges as its own citizens. Is there anyone who is really willing to get up and say this?

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