Saturday, April 29, 2006

How are the Packers doing?

I never thought they'd be dumb enough to pass up A.J. Hawk for Vernon Davis. Sometimes I wonder if the MJS' sports page is complicit in the the Packers' pre-draft disinformation campaign. Davis may be a great player too, but Hawk has the potential to be what LeRoy Butler and Wayne Simmons were for the defense, I think he immediately makes Nick Barnett the player that he can be, rather than a guy who basically has to make three times his share of the plays. Getting Hodge in the third round (!) may take the Packers linebackers from an extraordinary weakness to a very solid strength.

That would be quite an accomplishment for day one. But what else have they done? I think it's safe to say that Greg Jennings is not Javon Walker, but I think he may be a very good no. 4 next year. I think Mark Boerichter will be a solid 3 and Driver is good enough to be a no. 1. The big question is whether Rob Gardner can move up to being a no. 2 receiver. They still have issues at wide receiver.

They picked up two interior lineman. It doesn't seem likely that either will start, but it's not outrageous that one of them could and improve what is a weak area.

Right now, I'm starting to like their defense a lot. It was better than we expected last year and with free agency and the draft, it figures to be much better next year. Getting Ahman Carroll off the field will help immensely. I think the D will keep them in most games. You still don't like KGB playing every down and they still have an issue in nickel and dime situations, but I think their defense is prepared to do very well against next year's schedule.

But the offense remains very problematic. It'd be less so if Ahman returns to form, but no one really expects that.

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