Monday, April 03, 2006

The UCC: How great are we anyway?

Professor McAdams takes note of the new "edgy" (their own description)commercial that is about to be put up by the ultra-liberal United Church of Christ. The commercial shows a traditional looking American family (boo! hiss!) who are joined in a pew by a collection of people who score high on the left's scale of "preferred" diversity. The "people of diversity: are then ejected from the pew.

But, the UCC assures us, we don't do that. We are down with people who make "you" feel uncomfortable. As for people who make the UCC uncomfortable, like conservatives, traditional Christians or, as the good Professor points out, Jews who support Israel, don't ask.

Actually, if I were the UCC, I wouldn't eject anyone from the pews either. Its pews are empty enough as it is.

The UCC is replacing the cross with the "comma" as part of its "Stillspeaking" campaign. The UCC wants to say that God is still speaking which is uncontroversial enough, but, for the UCC, that often means that God is changing His mind.

That's possible, but you've got to wonder whose voice the UCC is listening to?

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Billiam said...

A better point is that most Christians don't reject gays. Jesus came to heal the sinners. Only the damned can be saved, and all that. What most Christians have a problem with is putting gays in leadership roles in the Church, as well as the anti-Israel stance of the UCC. When Jesus saved the adultress from being stoned, He also told her to "go home to her husband and sin no more". I guess they missed that part.