Monday, April 17, 2006

Pigasus for the rest of us

In my Journal-Sentinel columns and on my blog, I never write about Mequon or Ozaukee County issues. Part of it is that they do not interest me and part is that the Reddess and I are probably just about at the end of our tenure out here. But this story reminds me of why both are true. Why would anyone complain about this magnificent pig? A mile or so north on I-43, a wonderful soul puts up a cross on Good Friday which stays up through Easter. I think that both make Mequon a better place.

(And, incidentally, I have no idea what kind of music "the Hog" plays.")


Anonymous said...

I like it.
However, it is illegal.
There is that word again.
(Also, I think "the Hog" plays loud music)

Anonymous said...

Where you moving?

And can I come?

Rick Esenberg said...

My guess is Brewers Hill. You can come but you can't stay.

Anonymous said...

Wait one minute. I've worked hard to establish myself as Karen from Mequon. What will the godfaddah say when I call his show?

Karen from Brewers Hill?

Redess of Roscommon you're on WTMJ? Hey - I like the sound of that.