Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blame Me Not !

Carter's comments criticizing Bush on the NSA program came in connection with his son Jack's campaign for Senate. Now there's a candidacy witn nostalgia appeal. I am certain the the voters of Nevada want nothing less than to bring back that brief shining moment that was the Carter administration.

I know I shouldn't but I am beyond help. With apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein and to the tune of "Camelot," I offer.



(behind his desk in the Oval office; wearing a cheesy sweater.)

It's true! It's true! I have made perfectly clear.
That my own reign was perfect all the year.

(he wanders toward the camera)

A law was made a distant moon ago here:
To spy on enemies, a warrant must be got
This may result in occasional ter - ror
But Blame Me Not

(we now see Carter waiting in a gas line in a Ford Pinto)

I told you that you must learn to love stagflation
And try hard to want less than what you’ve got.
It may be that gas was ration’d
But Blame Me Not
Blame Me Not! Blame Me Not!
Jobs fell while prices raised,
But Blame Me Not, Blame Me Not
The fault was your malaise.

(we find Jimmy amidst the wreckage of helicopters in the Iranian desert)

In freeing hostages, it is true that I was clueless
In fending off wild rabbits, I showed fear.
But I reaped what I had wrought
And Reagan cleaned my clock

(Jimmy, Roz, Fritz and Cy Vance join arms on the front porch of the Plains General Store and sing together)

That lead to happily-ever-aftering
So Bla -- aaa ---aame Me Not

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