Friday, February 24, 2006

The courageous Mr. Clooney

Mark Steyn has a fantastic piece in the latest National Review on George Clooney and Hollywood's moral vanity. You have to subscribe to read it on line and I am going to respect the copyright of my favorite magazine, but here's a taste. Responding to Clooney's self-congratulatory twaddle that movies like his own Good Night, and Good Luck and Syriana show that "people are getting braver," Steyn writes:

Wow. He was brave enough to make a movie about Islam’s treatment of women? Oh, no, wait. That was the Dutch director Theo van Gogh: He had his throat cut and half-a-dozen bullets pumped into him by an enraged Muslim who left an explanatory note pinned to the dagger he stuck in his chest. At last year’s Oscars, the Hollywood crowd were too busy championing the “right to dissent” in the Bushitler tyranny to find room even to namecheck Mr. van Gogh in the montage of the deceased. Bad karma. Good night, and good luck.

Steyn's piece alone is worth the price on the cover.

Completely beside the point: Is this a difference between men and women? The Reddess used to think Clooney was a studmuffin but now, because of his politics and the brain dead way in which he promotes them, she finds him repulsive. I, on the other hand, still think Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston are hot.


Anonymous said...

Part of the evil of being male is that we except crazy opinions from beautiful women because we weren't planning on listening to anything they had to say anyway.

(I kid, I kid. Sort of. ;)

Billiam said...

Elliot, I love your subtlety. Unfortunately, I agree.

Anonymous said...

Aha. As herself is always saying,
men are pigs. They also seem to be quite proud of that fact.
Strange creatures....

Anonymous said...

I think I will stay out of this.