Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I have two alma maters: UW-Milwaukee and Harvard Law School. The one I love is at Kenwood & Downer. So I would like to give some bloggy love to the UWM Times, the latest incarnation of the conservative paper of that name at Milwaukee. I really love the academy and I really hate the way its come to be an extraordinarily homogeneous institution. Anyone who is promoting intellectual diversity on campus is doing righteous work. The new Times is a start up by a small group of students. Jessica McBride, UWM instructor, give these guys and girls some props.

And since we are talking Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Panthers can clinch a tie for their third straight Horizon League title tomorrow night at the Cell. We're in the situation we are normally in this time of year. Probably going to win the conference tournament, but probably not going to get an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament if we don't. Our chances of the latter may be a bit better this year given that our RPI is somewhere in the 30s and we have an opportunity to get a good Bracketbuster win on Saturday at home against Missouri State. (Next year looks challenging.)

And Marquette still won't play us. I like really like the school but, notwithstanding that they have some good young players, the basketball program can get ebola and die until it comes off its high horse.

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