Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Law schools better not follow the law

David Berstein, writing in the Wall Street Journal, says the American Bar Association plans to require law schools seeking its stamp of approval (which is essential for any law school) to maintain racial, gender and ethnic diversity in admissions and hiring. That's not surprising.

But it is surprising - no, actually its shocking - that the ABA says that "the requirements of a constitutional provision or statute that purports to prohibit consideration of gender, race, ethnicity or national origin in admissions or employment decisions is not a justification for a school's non-compliance...." In other words, our nation's national organization of lawyers is telling law schools that they better get their racial and gender numbers in order (actually, this is all about race; gender disparities disappeared in law schools a long time ago) and, if they have to ignore the law to do it, well, there's never been an omelette made without breaking some eggs.

This reminds me why I refuse to belong to the ABA.

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