Sunday, February 19, 2006

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

I find it amazing that at the Huffington Post (H-Bomb) its all Cheney's Accident All the Time. Perhaps the most unintentionally revealing piece is this one suggesting that Whittington's concern for the guy who accidentally shot him could only have been caused by fear or, in any event, is so incongruous as to be the occasion for satire.

Gee, guys, do you think that Whittington may have learned, in all those 78 years, that accidents happen and that its not all about him? Do you think he may regard emphasizing his victimization as classless?


Anonymous said...

I visited The Huffington Post and found it unworthy.

Anonymous said...

It's not only unworthy, it is a piece of trash. Just for kicks, I spent a weekend getting"discussions". Let it suffice to say that I was called every foul name in the book. By the time I was done, the color of my face matched my hair I was so flustered. The lost weekend...never again. Angry, bitter people.