Friday, February 24, 2006

Blogging away the day

Elliot links to this story about how Americans are accomplishing less at work and, tongue in cheek, suggests that the reason may the expansion of the blogosphere.

While I guess this is nothing new to folks who have been at this longer than I have, I have been watching my traffic for the past week or so. Two things surprised me. The first was the way in which traffic falls on the weekend. Most visits are during the workday.

The second was the number of visits from outside of Wisconsin and the US. In the past week, I think I have got visits from over 25 different countries on every continent except Africa and Antartica. Probably people who were googling for ways to herd sharks.

Lots of traffic from Denmark. I'll have a Carlsberg tonight for you guys.

But now I have to go and practice law.

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