Saturday, February 25, 2006


Negative responses to my Journal-Sentinel column fall into two categories. One set basically says don't blame the teachers; the kids are hopeless. (I rephrase slightly.) Very hopeful, that. The others are fairly ad hominem, dumping on my son for making a joke about what everyone in the area believes or fears and that he experienced or on UWM or Marquette Law School (of which I am a part time employee) because "they aren't that good either."

Fighting words all of them, but tonight I don't care because Detroit beat Butler. The Milwaukee Panthers are the sole champs in the Horizon League and will host the conference tournament at the Cell next weekend.


Anonymous said...

You received negative responses? I'm shocked!

Billiam said...

I enjoyed the article. It verified what I've been telling friends and family for years.

Anonymous said...

Did you not graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee?

Anonymous said...

Dear Rick:

Indeed, I believe, you not only graduated from UWM but you helped that institution's history department defeat the better known (but not as good) UW history department when Lenin-Marxism went the way of the DODO bird.

We told them that back in l978! They didn't believe us until December 25, 1991 when the flag of Russia flew over the Kremlin

Rick Esenberg said...


They're still coming but a few of us have made friends.


UWM L & S '78. Might you have been connected to a certain honors seminar?

Anonymous said...

How can any reasonable person dispute your argument. However, I believe the root problem is sending our teachers children who are not ready to be educated. This must be fixed before almost anything else will work. This is where our dollars will yield the greatest return. Almost everyone agrees past government programs have failed and It is time for a different approach.