Sunday, February 05, 2006

I see no reason why a newspaper's editorial page has to be consistent. In fact, it shouldn't be. The MJS board should publish Gregory Stanford, Patrick McIlherhan and ... me. (Especially ... me.)

But I do think its worth noting the contrast between the editorial board's opinion that the Sykes-Holt spot on school choice was "over the top" and this morning's Carlson cartoon, suggesting that placing Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court (who was sworn in on the day Coretta Scott King died) somehow undercuts the legacy of Martin Luther King (we are supposed to have felt a "scary" shifting of tectonic plates).

Martin Luther King (and his widow) are revered for their commitment to a color blind society. Perhaps Dr. King would have supported racial quotas, opposed the war in Iraq and supported the liberal nostrums of the day. But that's not why he is a national hereo.

Thus to suggest that Justice Alito undercuts the King legacy is to imply that he supports what King opposed, e.g.,segregation and racial prejudice.

That is way over the top.

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