Saturday, February 25, 2006

Its about choice, stupid !

Jessica McBride is sizing up the vote on the Choice compromise. She hears that the GOP is largely swallowing the SAGE funding while the Dems are not mollified by it - they aren't going to vote to lift the cap.

What I find interesting is that we keep hearing that Choice proponents want to "destroy" public education and that they don't "really care" about kids. The other day I listened the former UWM Prof. Walter Farrell basically say, on Eric Von's show, that choice proponents are mostly bought and paid for. (Where's my check?)

But when its time to lock and load, we are largely willing to swallow 25 million dollars in funding for a pet program of the educational establishment in which we mostly do not believe in order to get cap relief. The Dems who mostly think SAGE is a big old ice cream sundae remain focused on opposition to Choice like Russ Feingold on a TV camera. That the money "diverted" from shared revenue is going to be matched by increases in other funding for public education doesn't matter because the enemy lives on.

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