Monday, February 27, 2006

Money, money, money

For years I prided myself on never having watched a reality show, but my wife finally cajoled me into watching The Apprentice. I'm not proud. I'm hooked. But I'm not sure why. Is it the self-mocking gravity of the Donald? The schadenfreude of seeing successful people turn themselves into sycophants and get castigated for not "stepping up" on a project that typically has all the complexity of a high school fundraiser? If I thought anyone took the show seriously and if there still was a worldwide communist conspiracy, I'd bet that the show was secretly funded by the reds to make capitalism look bad.

What did I enjoy today? Trump saying he has real hair because his toupe retained helmet shape while his jet idled behind him. The looks of adoration from the winning Synergy team at their reward lunch with Trump. "You can get inside my head for an hour." Must be pretty empty to fit them all in there. This goofy lawyer named Brent jumping around. He was picked last to fill out the teams; had the idea that turned out to be the key to his side winning only to have it attributed to another, and then was exciled to a blimp and made to circle overhead while his teammates tried to sell memberships to Sam's Club. This guy is the Rodney Dangerfield of the group. I hope he lasts awhile. Tarek from Mensa who apparently thinks that the most important thing people need to know about you is your IQ. Look, if you've got to tell them, its probably not as impressive as you think. As always, the ominously lit board room, the slap on the table and the finger in the face. Summer, you're fired.

You just can't make this stuff up.


J said...

I'm hooked too. Trump is a character no flamboyant writer could dream up. I watch just to see what he'll say next.

Anonymous said...

Summer was doomed from the start- the Donald probably fired her so quickly because he was jealous of her beautiful hair...made him look bad. She was the "fall woman" for Mr. Mensa, aka Tarek. I'm sure that the Shark has a higher IQ than Tarek (does such shameless sucking up qualify me for a new piece of jewelry?) Lenny (the smooth talking Russian) certainly had the hots for Summer.
Herself is pulling for the redheaded woman...we tend to stick together, but still hate it when there's too many of us in the same room. It is a vanity thing.