Thursday, February 16, 2006

Past the City Limits

I didn't know that I got a little love from Jessica McBride in the GM Today column on local blogs which was longer than her Freeman column. I assume that the Freeman is just as fascist about word limits as the Journal-Sentinel. (Ricardo, Ernie and Mabel: just kidding; you know I love you guys!) I made the "broader" list (i.e., the second cut). I appreciate it.

And it seems fair. I have nothing against Waukesha but about the only time I find myself there is on the way to Madison. I have little sense of what goes on there.

But I also have little sense of what goes on in Ozaukee County either. For a guy that lives in Mequon, I'm rather city-centric. I have never written about anything Oz.

But now we have a school referendum in Mequon and apparently the world will end if we don't exceed revenue limits. My son graduated from Homestead in '02. I graduated from Greenfield in '74. The one thing that struck me about Homestead is that, compared to where I went to school, it was the Taj Mahal. I'm keeping an open mind, but someone has some persuading to do.

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